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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Some organic causes of erectile impotence in men
/ Endocrine causes
A Testicular failure (primary or secondary)
B Hyperprolactinemia // Drugs
A Antihistamines
1 Cimetidine
2 Diphenhydramine
3 Hydroxyzine B Antihypertensives
/ Clonidine
2 Methyldopa
3 Propranolol
4 Reserpine
5 Spironolactone
6 Thiazides C Anticholinergics D Antidepressants
/ Amitriptyline
2 Doxepin
3 Isocarboxazid E Antipsychotics
/ Chlorpromazine
2 Haloperidol
3 Thioridazine F Tranquilizers
/ Diazepam
2 Barbiturates
3 Chlordiazepoxide G Drugs of habituation or addiction
1 Alcohol
2 Methadone
3 Heroin /// Penile diseases
A Previous priapism B Penile trauma C Peyronie’s disease IV Neurologic diseases
A Anterior temporal lobe lesions B Diseases of the spinal cord C Loss of sensory input
1 Diabetes mellitus and various polyneuropathies
2 Tabes dorsalis
3 Disease of dorsal root ganglia D Disease of nervi erigentes
1 Complete prostatectomy
2 Rectosigmoid operations
3 Aortic bypass surgery V Vascular disease
A Leriche syndrome