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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Different types of erectile dysfunction

Drug-Related Erectile Dysfunction
A large number of therapeutic drugs may have an undesired side effect of erectile dysfunction. While the mechanics causing the problem with the individual drugs are mostly unknown, we are able to reverse the effects of most of these drugs once they are discontinued. This is not necessarily the case for chronic substance abuse of alcohol, marijuana, codeine, heroin, and nicotine.

Nor have we figured out how to mitigate the negative side effects of some drugs contributing to erectile dysfunction even when we know the mechanics involved. For example, some drugs used to suppress tremor in Parkinson’s patients, such as benztropine (Cogentin) and trihexyphenidyl (Artane), do so by blocking acetycholine in the brain. When they block acetycholine, the key initiator of nitric oxide release from the endothelial cells of the erectile tissue in the autonomic nervous system, then erectile dysfunction occurs. Other drugs used by Parkinson’s patients that frequently cause or aggravate erectile dysfunction include the anticholinergic drugs, the tricyclic anti-depressants with anticholinergic activity, antihistamines, alcohol, and beta-blockers.

Pelvic Trauma
Blunt pelvic trauma can result in erectile dysfunction in one of several ways. Individuals who have had deceleration injuries, such as falling off a telephone pole or being hit by a car, frequently have significant long- and short-term damage to the urethra. When that type of injury is surgically repaired and the patient is fully recovered from the trauma, they frequently have a major problem with erectile dysfunction from all of the damage to the nerve and blood supplies to the penis. In those same patients who sustained blunt pelvic trauma, frequently the result is a pelvic bony fracture where the pelvis bone is fractured in three different places and the subsequent damage to the blood vessels in the pelvis results in a large amount of bleeding into the pelvis. This collection of blood (hematoma) ultimately will result in a lot of fibrosis and scarring that again damages the blood and nerve supplies to the penis. In such case Kamagra can help you to improve your physical and moral state.